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For every person, there are books that you read that completely shape your life or push your life in a certain direction. For me, this is one of those books.I first read this book in seventh grade on a whim. I had to read Walk Two Moons in another class the previous year, so I recognized the authors name and decided to give it a chance. To this day, I am glad that I did.This is the book that inspired me to want to go to Italy, travel in general, and learn Italian, as well as many other languages, and quite possibly the book that inspired my love for words overall. I only ever read the book once, but I gave my boyfriend a full run-down of the plot the other day, almost ten years later. This book has stuck out in my mind since the moment I read it and Im sorry to say that I dont own a copy. Definitely a re-read book, especially since it had such a profound effect on me as a person.

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